Wild ride!

The most exciting event this trip was at the very beginning in January. We were going to go across the Gulf Stream with a forecasted north wind of about 20 knots . This would be in the middle of the night and would cause some very large waves to form and is a little dodgy but I have done it 3 times prior. As we approached the stream which is about 30 miles from Florida the coast guard sent out a warning on the radio that there as. Gale warning . We checked the weather and could not find anything about it so we continued on and yes the winds began to howl and the seas began to build ! The winds began to blow and gust to 50 miles per hr which in the gulfstream can be verrryyyyy serious ! The boat was doing great which was good for us and we were staying calm. The boat was really starting to buck when I turned around I saw a flare shoot up not far from our stern !!’ Oh my goddd !! People are out there in very life threatening conditions and we are surfing the waves at 15 knots and there is no safe way to stop and head into the wind and giant waves to go help!! I decided to call the coast guard and see what they could do . We talked for about 15 minutes and we continued to sail across with the heavy sad feeling of someone in serious need of help. The excitement did not end there . Ahead were big ships that we had to try to dodge and we got abit too close to one as he turned on his giant spot light on us. After 6 hrs of being in the stream we approached the other side but I got concerned because when these big waves hit the shallow Bahamas bank which is only 20 ft deep then big ol waves develop so I diverted and went to the north side and entered without major trauma . We sailed on though the night and finally landed and dropped the hook and then fell off to sleep!


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