tornado on the water

IMG_7014while out kayaking trolling for supper i noticed a squall coming my my rapidly.   this was not a big deal till i saw the water spout forming then it became a realllllly big deal.     i tried paddling to the left and it seemed to follow me and then i would paddle the opposite  way  and it appeared to be zig zagging but all i knew it was getting bigger and closer so i decided to head to land and hang on to something verses drowning .      my luck played out and it vanished into the sky so i did not get to see the wizard of oz.   i had even a closer encounter with a waterspout when i was leaving the hospital one day and as i was putting the kayak in the water suddenly it was blown from my hand and i was thrown face down into the water as a waterspout formed about 100 ft from me but then lasted for a very short time and was sucked back  up  into the sky.    also while scuba diving looking for shark teeth i had one form a 1\4 mile away and i was a mile offshore and so i submerged only to have it go directly overhead and then disappear.   on a similar note , whirlpools will form over some of the blue holes and its a spooky feeling kayaking over them and to feel the pull of them on the kayak.  there have been a few deaths of scuba divers who have been pulled to their deaths with this kind of blue hole.   while riding my bike across the USA i was swimming down a river that had a big whirlpool and so i decided to check it out only to be pulled under by it but i was able to escape by swimming lateral to the pull down .

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