the ragged islands

off to the ragged islands we goooo! south of georgetown there are some small very unpopulated islands about 50 miles away called the jeumentos and the ragged islands. these are some pristine little gems that not many people get to see. there is only one small town with only 50 people at the very bottom of the chain about 100 miles south but not fuel or food. when ya go down to these islands ya gotta be very self sufficient and able to fix your boat. the first hurdle is hog key cut which is very shallow with a big reef across he south side . after getting through the cut then it is about 40 miles to the first island to anchor which is waters key . it is a very slender island but its worth the look and a hike. the kayaking is wonderful and the fishing was very good. its one of my favorite islands and i could stay a month . get off the grid and drop out of the rat race and drop into thet most amazing way to live!!IMG_7643

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