saying goodbye

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 9.34.21 PMwhen you live your life to the absolute fullest each and every day with such joy and deep inner fulfillment, there is also a bit of sadness that comes with this experience. at the very last seconds of the day just prior to falling asleep i try to grab a few seconds of that feeling as i look out the port for one more peak and to reflect on such a wonderful god given moment of existence. the sadness arrives when ya know its over and the feeling diminishes knowing another day is around the corner with its own unknown and excitement. out here the degree of the unknown and adventure is soon much greater than the land based daily living. ultimately , your degree of happiness and oneness with this existence is what you bring to the table. the fostering of positive thoughts brings more happy thoughts . this takes mind training by observing what thoughts are going through your mind and by redirecting negative thoughts to a more positive tone. the vast amount of beauty out here helps calm the rat race mind but it really starts within. you have to look for beauty and find it with every foot step .

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