nice teeth!!

we left royal harbor and set a course for the exumas to normans island.   this is perfect wind for this path of 70    miles.    now tis is perfect sailing weather for the big ol spinnaker !!ohhhhhhh this is perrrrrfect!    winds from the north blowin 12 knots pushing us at 7 knots.   the fishing lines are out trying to find supper.    we even listen to an audio book as we drive deeper south to even more luscious crazy blue water.      fish on!!!!  we pull in an edible size barracuda and get him ready to eat.    the saying down here is yoou can eat the barracuda if it is shorter than your arm or you risk contracting ciguratera.   ciguratera is microscopic critter that the fish eat and then the poison will make ya bad sick for many months and can also make cold things feel hot and vise versa.

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