going to long island

I was getting antsy to head out of georgetown and go sailing again so i pulled the hook and set off for long island . this was a great spinnaker run down wind which i love to pull out and get flying. the wind was perfect so out it came and away i went . the boat behaves so well with this big sail so i just lay in the trampoline and let the auto pilot do all the work. this is such a great sensation seeing the water rushing under me and the boat rushing along with no input from me . the sense of freedom always wells up inside of me when ever the sails are raised and the wind brings me to the next destination. on long island i wandered the beaches looking for treasures and then i got a bit of mutton which is soooo cheap yet soooo delicious. i did my high intensity work out which is sprints on the beach at 95% max heart rates for 45 seconds for 8 reps. IMG_0137

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