big lion

we awoke to a morning with thunderstorms coming over the horizon so i decided to wait and hour to let these big boys pass before we head offshore to royal harbor on eleuthera.  we had about 60 miles to reach the next destination and the winds were supposed to be perfect 20knots from the west.     we crank up the engines and out though the pass of breaking waves we go to find the wind straight on the nose from the south !     well, i decided to press on and sail up wind with the sails double reefed and full jib.    the boat was leaping over the waves and spray was flying about >  the bows would accasionally dig and shot waves across the deck.   the crew was handling all this quite well with no vomit to prove otherwise so we pressed on with the giant cat race over the waves as in search of what lies ahead.   i forgot to seal up a hole in the bumper locker on the bow which allowed some sea water to sneak inside the bilges so i spent a bit of time searching for the cause which caused me a touch of nausea.    the waves played with us all day and then a white out squall blasted us with its fury just before we dropped all the sails.   while we ducked for cover as the wall of rain covered us and limited our visibility, a monstrous tanker is on a collision course with us.   we powered up the engines to try to get in front of him but we realized we still were going to be run over so we slowed and let him pass .     we dropped anchor in royal harbor and jumped in the dingy as the sun was setting .     we only found one lobster but found my biggest lion fish ever.     this night we had lobster curry, lobster ceviche, salad and fried fish ( grunt, mahi, lion fish ) and also chia seed pudding!! yaaaaa mannnnnn!

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