Bad fishy!!

My friend came over in his dingy to take me spearfishing with the pole spears. We went out offshore on the big reefs which hold the bigger fish and lobsters. Once we dropped anchor he asked if I was ok with sharks and I said sure! No problem at all! In the past I have had to punch sharks in th nose to fend them off. Now this guy is a serious spearfisherman and goes out a lot so he has had plenty of shark storys. As we were gearing up he straps on this giZmo to his leg that sends out electric pulses into the water to keep them away. Upon seeing this thing I thought that this could be a bit more serious out here. We jumped into the waves and swam down free diving to about 25 ft and began looking for lobster and fish. I nicked a fish but did not get him. I surfaced and off to my right was a big fat reef shark about 6 ft long coming close ! I swam at him fast which will often scare them but he was not impressed so I slowly swam back to my friend with the gizmo . All looked clear so off I go again and after a very thorough search for the shark I go down again. While I was down there my buddy saw the shark come around a coral head and follow me down ! I never even saw him ! We decided we better move on to some new spots only to have more sharks getting very close to us . I did get to pull in a few grouper for supper ! Oh also my spear got stuck in a hole in the rock which took me about 20 minutes to recover. Another sweet day and no shark bites !


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