back to g-town

The sail back from long island was another spinnaker run but it was ver slow at 3 knots due to the 5 knot wind. i even enjoy sailing slow which gave me time to figure out how to get the weather reports form my sat phone and my iPad . this was a long involved process but i finally figured it out !! this was a great goal to achieve so now my mind raced of to the though of a transatlantic voyage!!! I’m seriously considering this for next year. i hope I’m ready and i think the boat is ready . I’m sailing back to georgetown to pick up my girlfriend Sandy who is ready to sail south to the ragged islands. the trill of adventure lives on just as strong as when i started this part time sailing . when i am out here on the water all the lustful passions i had been suppressing all these years flood my heart and mind and can barely contain them. everyday i thank god for another chance to have gotten to experience this life . this alternative lifestyle brings much more than just sailing from place to place but what has been most profound is the spiritual uplifting it has brought me!!IMG_7013

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