give me some more!!

after a day at waters key we set off to flamingo island which is only 12 miles south . it also is really a beautiful island with a great north anchorage and wonderful spear fishing. we had an interesting walk along the east side where there is wooden boat wreck with lots of fantastic old …

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Technical difficulties

I have had a lot of technical difficulties with the site so now I’m testing it to see if it works. Right now I’m in the ragged keys with sandy hanging tough. The ragged keys are just 50miles north of Cuba and it’s much warmer down here . There have been some really amazing events …

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the ragged islands

off to the ragged islands we goooo! south of georgetown there are some small very unpopulated islands about 50 miles away called the jeumentos and the ragged islands. these are some pristine little gems that not many people get to see. there is only one small town with only 50 people at the very bottom …

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